Monday, May 2, 2011

April in numbers

My first plate of Royal Wedding mini gherkins, 2:30 a.m. PST, April 29th, 2011.

25 - The total number of mini gherkins I ate while watching the Royal Wedding live. 

21 plus change - How old I'm telling people I am.

$1,000 - The amount I contributed to our house down payment in April using a portion of my freelance earnings.

4 - The number of birthday cakes I received at various parties with friends and family. I feel truly lucky to have such great people who care about me, and let me know through processed sugar! The cake flavors were: mint-n-chip ice cream cake, coconut cake, carrot cake and red velvet. By May 1st I felt like Marie Antoinette (minus that whole guillotine thing)
Countless - The number of times I balked at something Tamra Barney said or did on Real Housewives of Orange County. She's so marvelously trashy and tragically hypocritical that I just can't look away. Its hard to believe people like her actually exist.

5 - The number of books I scored for well below market value at my neighborhood Borders that's closing. I know I should feel bad about making out like a bandit from someone else's misfortune, but it's hard not to feel like a satisfied little vulture picking at the last bits of flesh when all fiction is marked 50% off and more. My booty: The Stranger, The Feast of the Goat, The Wapshot Chronicle, My Antonia and Absalom, Absalom.

168 - The number of pictures I took. Great memories.

3 - The pairs of shoes I bought. 


  1. Love the post idea! But four cakes for your birthday? Makes me totally jealous. :)

  2. *GASP* Look at you using NUMBERS. Oh my! Hey, at least it's not x+y=somethingIwillneverfigureout.

    Anywaaaaayyys, Tamra is PRICELESS. She is an absolute trainwreck. Please tell me you've been watching Mob Wives in addition to your other reality crap TV. :) It's Real Housewives of NJ on steroids.

    Also, nice score on the books. Top Shop is taking over the local Mich Ave location. I got a measly AP Stylebook for 99 cents. *jazz hands*

  3. @Jessica: They were delicious! Every last bite of them. ;)

    @Stephanie: *jazz hands* -- ahahahaha!

  4. this is a really cute post !
    and So jealous that you got 4 birthday cakes ! I asked my fiance to bake me a cake for my birthday, that turned into him taking me out for a " piece " of cake, my favorite cake though so I guess that's ok :)

    Cathy. X