Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Insight into one man's life

From time to time I'll come across a post by a blogger who's compiled funny Google searches people have done that have fed on to their site. I finally have mine.

A couple days ago someone at the Environment Protection Agency came upon my site by Googling:

when will my wife grow up


Of course his search landed him on my "will today's man ever grow up" post, but the mental image of a guy in a suit at the EPA in DC taking the time to Google when his wife will actually grow up (like Google has the answer to that?) made me laugh out loud. I wonder what finally pushed him to his tipping point to type those very words?


  1. I am always amused by what Google searches bring people to various blogs. I've never found a funny one like this but it made me giggle.

  2. i dated a guy once who would get annoyed with me when i laughed. he thought laughing was a sign of immaturity. he was a also a Capricorn. so maybe astrology has something to do with it.

  3. That is soo funny! I hadn't thought about how my google searches might be picked up anywhere! I google about everything! PS I'd love to know why the guy needs his wife to grow up!