Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring and summer dress roundup

Spring is here and that means yours truly is delighted to update her wardrobe for the impending hotter months. Not like I don't have enough clothes already (the other day while J carried a pile of clothing behind me that I needed to try on in-store, he suggested we institute a new rule in our home: Every time I buy a new garment, I give one away. I laughed and suggested just buying a bigger place...with a walk-in closet the size of Mariah Carey's. That would be amazing.)

With that husband/wife truce aside, I've been busy hitting the racks looking for cute new dresses -- many of which I'll be taking to Europe with me this summer. So far here's the loot I've ended up with:

My latest find from H&M. I love the ultra short length coupled with the covered chest/shoulder area, making it not look so hooker-ish (is that a word?) I also love that it's a pretty good replica of the Miu Miu bird print that is all the rage right now.
Another short, lightweight dress I recently found. Perfect for Greece with a big floppy sunhat, woven hobo bag and wedges.
I loved the retro pattern and colors on this dress and it fit like perfection so I had to have it. It's very Mrs. Robinson when paired with heels.
I'm always a fan of the nautical look and this short cotton dress was no exception. I like pairing it with the belt shown (which I already owned) and -- wait for it -- wedges. (Yes, I'm a bit wedge-obsessed.)
I know this tank-and-high-waisted-skirt-dress look was big last year, but I liked how this dress updated its take on it. When it's on a body (and not the carpet) the skirt tulips over the tank with cute pleat detailing. Also love the light shade of gray and that it has pockets.
My sister bought this dress at a Mango store in Italy a couple years ago and I've wanted it ever since. Last week she finally gave in and said I could have it. It fits like a DVF wrap dress and is made from a light slinky fabric so it's perfect for summer in Europe.
The infamous turquoise dress from Nordstrom. Luckily size 4 fit perfectly and I can't wait to wear this on my birthday! Reminds me of something Trudy Campbell would wear in Mad Men.
I snagged this dress at White House Black Market. It's made of a stiffer brocade and is knee-length, so it'd be perfect for a more formal summer dinner or luncheon. I paired it here with some turquoise jewelry I own. Up close, the pattern on the dress (below) is a fabulous paisley. Loves.


  1. OOH! I do not know which one I like best. There is something about the first dress that looks so comfortable. Perfect for sitting in the sun and sipping wine.

  2. I love dresses 3 and 4. Where did you get them so I can steal your style?

  3. I'm in love with the first H&M dress. That's my fave, but all the others are great too. Nice style!!

  4. I adore EVERY ONE of those dresses. LOVE. I need to do some more shopping for some of those because wearing dresses is so much easier than anything else during the summer!

  5. All of your stuff is too cute! I think my condo would fit in Mariah's closet.

  6. I'm loving it all! I think my faves are #'s 4, 6, 7 & 8. I'm so glad you got the Mad Men dress. The color is perfect!

    PS I would die for Mariah Carey's closet too. And maybe some of her shoes, but she can keep most of her "hookerish" clothes. And, yes it is a word in my vocab. :)

  7. My problem is i have no summer clothing. How am i going to cover up my beer belly? ;)