Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day: Important in 1492 and 2010

Though today was a federal holiday, I had to work. (Herein is where you pity me for being plagued by something that I admit is trite.) The fact that I had to work today saddened me last week, but that sadness turned to anger over the weekend, and finally culminated on the metro ride in today when -- though I looked half asleep, my lids heavy and my mouth agape during the early morning ride -- it transformed into full-fledged fury.

Everyone I knew had the goddamn day off. Why couldn't I? It was about time I had a three-day weekend and this would have been perfect. Especially since I could have stayed home with my husband reading books all day and eating bags of candy corn in my pajamas. 

Not that I feel entitled to having the day off, but it should be noted that I did ask my boss for it off early last week. Boss Man's answer? No. Why? Because BOSS MAN was taking it off. And this is after Boss Man had had one day off each week for the past month. I know, I get it, he's the boss man so he can do whatever the hell he wants, but the way he said no, without any flexibility, was abrasive. It's not like I was asking to be blessed by the Pope, I just wanted a simple day off. But stupid me. I failed to see that Boss Man always comes first here because he makes the schedule and that's just the way it is. Guess I'm supposed to get used to it?

My question is how does one ever get used to this? To me it's ridiculous that some person who holds some arbitrary title (and this applies to anyone out there, in any position) has the authority to tell you what you can and can't do with NINE HOURS of your day, five days a week. It's ludicrous and laugh-worthy when you break the issue down to its fundamental parts. There's something highly unsettling in the realization that someone, literally, owns your life. 

I know that everyone has a price, a sum of money where all dignity could be easily swept aside, but my salary -- though high -- is not even close to the level that would make me happily complacent with this circus. But this is what we (yes, I'm plural now) have to deal with while husband continues looking for work. 

So when Boss Man told me I couldn't have Monday off because HE was taking Monday off, I countered right away with wanting the following day (tomorrow) off. Which he had no answer for since who in their right mind would ask for a Tuesday of all days off to make up for a Monday? Me, that's who. Then he granted my wish to have tomorrow off, possibly because of the maniacal look in my eyes. 

Ask...and you shall receive?


  1. Ugh. I think some bosses just like being bosses and telling people no, and watching them get upset. It's so frustrating! I waited three weeks for my boss to approve a vacation to England - all while watching the price of airline flights rise and rise. Boo on bosses.

  2. LUCKY!!!

    I too had to work yesterday.

    I think I hate the entire concept of work more than anyone else that I know but this entry about comes close! Work is an OBSCENE idea to me. I don't mind doing things I like but when you in an awful job with a boss who controls you, it sucks.

    I can't wait to either BE a boss myself or create a job where I don't have one.

  3. Unfortunately some people who become bosses let the power go to their head! I used to have a boss that ensured all their leave was approved for a whole year and then expected the rest of the staff to book leave around it so left us little choice on when we could take time off.

  4. Seriously, that's hilarious and totally what I would have done. Love it.