Sunday, October 24, 2010

Highs and lows, Oct. 24th edition


This week I got a letter from some retirement fund account, informing me of a balance I didn't even know I had in an account I didn't even know I'd started. Apparently I'd signed up for automatic deposits in a retirement account through my old job on the East Coast and when I left that job over two years ago I closed out all accounts except this one. (I guess I forgot?) So I've got $1,000 just waiting to be claimed! It was a pleasant surprise, like finding a dollar in an old jeans pocket -- but better. I think I'll use part of it soon to fund a weekend getaway in Napa with my husband, since we've been talking about taking said trip for a while.


The federal building where my husband works went into temporarily lock-down for an hour or so last week when a suspicious package was found on one of the first floors. He texted me while I was at work, letting me know what had happened, and I didn't think anything of it since these kind of things happen all the time (right??). But then he stopped responding to my text messages for a while and I had a mini inward freakout moment at my desk. 

Visions of the federal building blowing up with my husband on the 17th floor crossed my mind and I was about ready to leave and inspect the area myself (since I work four blocks away), but then he texted me back (turned out the package was nothing) and all was well again. But for those few long minutes, everything went into slow motion for me (ok, so I have an overactive imagination) and the terrifying thought of no longer having my husband to wake up next to, watch movies with, go on long walks with, talk to and just laugh with truly freaked me out. Is there such thing as loving someone too much? Because after 3+ years of marriage I'm still intoxicated by his presence. I love this, but it makes little things like suspicious packages seem much more dire than they actually are.


  1. Just be sure that if you withdraw the $$$ from said account that you don't end up paying a fine or tax. Typically these accounts are set up for retirement purposes and often are taxed at a hefty rate!

    PS you aren't the only one that suffers from an overactive imagination. I am the same way! I swear I don't know what keeps me sane considering my bf is in law enforcement and is often in situations like you mentioned. Thankfully, your man is safe and sound!

  2. Now that is a great 'high'! I can imagine your 'low' experience was so frightening, I was working in London on July 7th 2005, I can still remember all the worried phone calls from my family trying to check I was alright. I defo think there is no such thing as too much love except perhaps Misery with Kathy Bates and James Caan!

  3. That scare would have done the same thing to me. I have always had an active imagination. I'm glad everything is ok.

  4. PiC goes out for water sports almost every weekend and ever since we lost his family member in a car accident four years ago, I've freaked OUT every time he's late calling me after an outing, imagining that something has gone wrong.

    I hardly even need an excuse.