Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typical Thursday

Wow. Today was totes an emotionally draining day at work -- but for once it didn't have anything to do with me! w00t!! I don't even know where to start, but since I don't want to divulge too many details on this here blog, I'll just say one of my coworkers had a major meltdown in the office today. Like, Brad Goreski-style mah-JOR. She caved under pressure, plain and simple, and I was caught in the middle as mid-level management. Draaamaaa.

Which means I spent most of my day trying to calm her down and get her to stop sobbing. Hard to do when she and I never really got along in the first place, but I guess this comes with the territory. (By the way, have I said that I officially despise managing people? I feel like I'm a cross between an air-flight controller, standing out on the tarmac waving my two orange flags at incoming jets, and a babysitter dealing with teenagers who are theoretically old enough to stay "home alone" but whose parents don't trust them to behave.)

Though I don't like seeing anyone cry at work, in some sick, twisted way I was happy to see someone else miserable in our office. Especially her, since she has been the source of most of my problems since I started (refer to blog post #1). Karma's a bitch, I wanted to say. I know, totally wretched of me, right? I was both disturbed and pleased. Totally sick.

I left work needing a cocktail or three. Badly. But when I got home I was elated: I found out my old car I'd donated to the SPCA here had just sold. It netted the SPCA a donation from me of $1,000, and they sent me a thank you letter for the gift. I'm not big on donations right now (since I'm still getting my life financially set up), but it felt SO GOOD to give something to a cause that's close to my heart (my little dog is a rescue pup). Could I have sold the car myself and probably gotten more? Of course. But I didn't need the money after I bought my new car and figured I'd give the old one to a charity that actually needed the money.

"There are dogs and cats in that SPCA that will live longer because of our donation," my husband said, as he handed me the letter. And I couldn't help but smile, because I hoped he was right. 

So yeah maybe it felt good to watch that chick suffer today, but this letter proves that I'm not all bad.


  1. Thank you for reminding me why I left my job. :)I wish people would just grow up -- it would make not only our lives easier, but their own. Trust me, I would have felt the same about the girl.

    That is awesome about the donation to the SPCA -- and my mom just took home her first rescue yesterday. YAY!

  2. You take the good, you take the bad... I don't know why the Facts of Life theme song popped into my head while reading this post, but it did. You did well with your donation and don't worry - the co-worker will get over it. They always do.

  3. You are kidding me? You had to comfort her? Wow!!!!!

  4. You gotta love Karma! You're a bigger, better and of course more beautiful person for putting up with that beyotch at work when she so clearly is the reason for your miserable hours there. You've won sister! You've won. Enjoy that cocktail and that letter from the charity. Both are richly deserved!

  5. Know what? Feeling a little bit vindicated/happy that it was her that was miserable for once after all her machinations is pretty much par for this course.

    Woo middle management ;)

    Drinks (caffeinated, alcoholanated, whatever), you 'n' me, soon.