Sunday, November 14, 2010

Highs and lows, Nov. 14th edition


The Great Gatsby is being made into a movie. FINALLY! It sounds like Baz Luhrmann (of Moulin Rouge fame) will be directing, which is either a great thing or a terrible thing. Possibly terrible because have you seen Australia? Neither have I. And though I love Nicole Kidman and Ewan MacGregor and musicals in general, I wasn't a big fan of Moulin Rouge. (Blasphemy, I know.) With that said, I do LOVE Luhrmann's other two films: Strictly Ballroom and Romeo and Juliet (so much so for the latter, in fact, that I had this giant R&J poster poster on my bedroom wall through most of high school): 

R&J was essentially what kicked off my hyper-obsession with one Leonardo DiCaprio. I used to manically cut out pictures of his mug from every teen magazine I subscribed to so I could collage the wall around the above poster with a Leo shrine of sorts. I even bought a wallet one summer in Italy that was silk-screened with Leo's face all over it -- totes not copyrighted, but whatever. It made me proud. But that was another time. I still fantasize about Leo every once in a while -- though not anymore like Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction -- sooo what made me even happier to see that The Great Gatsby was being made into a film was that Leo is playing Jay Gatsby himself! I hope this news is true and I haven't been drinking the wrong kool-aid because that casting would be spectacular. There are rumors that Tobey Maguire will play Jay G.'s best friend, Nick Carraway, and that Carey Mulligan (who I loved in An Education) is going to play Daisy Buchanan. Both of which I'm okay with. Just as long as Amanda Seyfried (who D has lovingly dubbed "fish eyes") isn't playing Daisy, then everything will remain copacetic. 


I went to the dentist this week for a routine cleaning and got some fabulous news (if by fabulous you mean lousy). Not only do I have three cavities *quietly pushes candy jar out of sight*, but I also need a crown (my first), and I'm beginning to show signs of TMJ. Before this week I had no idea that TMJ even existed, and at first I thought the dentist was making it up to flirt with me. Awkward when it actually turned out to be a real disorder. Why do I have it? Because apparently I'm stressed out to the max, or so my dentist says (as if he was telling me something I didn't know), and I grind my teeth at night like whoa. During the day I don't grind, but I clench. I didn't even realize I clenched all day till he told me to be completely cognizant of it and, well, stop doing it entirely unless I want to end up with no muscle connecting my jaw to my skull and have constant bone-to-bone contact when I'm older, which doc pointed out would not be fun, since I'll be worried about other, more pressing things like arthritis and artificial knees. Getting older...such a lovely thing. 

All of this basically means I need to chill out, start wearing a night guard for my grinding problem (which will be such the aphrodisiac for D when he hears me speaking pillowtalk with a lisp, don't you think?), get my cavities filled, and man up for the crown I'm about to get cemented to the back of my mouth. My biggest fear (aside from the pain of getting it) is if said crown falls out my mouth and plops into my glass of wine in front of everyone at a dinner party, or falls out on stage and bounces down a crowded aisle while I'm giving a speech to a group of hundreds. Not sure when the latter will ever happen, but it seems like something that would probably happen to me.


  1. Oh ick, that's why I hate going to the dentist! At least you have the opportunity to fix it and prevent it from getting worse. But still, nightguards aren't good. :( No fun.

  2. I love R&J!! The soundtrack was fabulous!