Monday, November 15, 2010

Typical Monday

I must say that if it wasn't for my good friend, B, I'd go crazy at work. Just like my office, B's office uses instant messenger, which means the two of us sit online all day gabbing away about things we can't talk to our coworkers about. These include daily observations of office absurdities, like what I witnessed today...

Me: omg
Me: this is so hilariously lame
B: que?
Me: you know how my boss and I share one long table, with each opposite end as our desk?
Me: (i took pics when he went to the bathroom so i can show you our setup.)
B: ahahaha
Me: he set up his picture frames so that they go all the way to the edge of his desk, like creating a little barrier between us
Me: now when i look over to my right, instead of a long table i'm staring at a bunch of picture frame backs with his stupid kids pics in them
B: that's hilarious
Me: i wanna be like buddy, don't kid yourself -- you don't and will never have your own office. creating a little wall of picture frames isn't going to change that
Me: freak
B: i'm surprised he doesn't his own office, or at least a partition
Me: our head boss has his own office...obviously SOMEONE is bitter about that.
Me: it's like the beginnings of a pillow fortress, but not...

So I wonder if one day he thought "Hey I've got it! Let's play a game called 'We're going to pretend we have more of an office space than we actually do.' It involves barricading ourselves in with an avalanche of family photos and picture frames and playing King of the Fort at work."

This further encourages me to put NO pictures up at work (something I've always done in past positions). I feel like once I put my first picture/personal item up, I will be acknowledging the fact that this is my life. And I'm sorry but I refuse to accept that fact. Ignorance is bliss.


  1. I love the petty little things that office people do. It's kind of a smart idea to set up a barrier! Hehe.

  2. I'm promptly removing all my photos. Step 1. Maybe that's why I can't find a new job...

  3. I agree -- if it's not permanent for you, don't put any pictures up. I never had pictures up at my desk during my "corporate days" in case I needed a quick getaway.

  4. You should go buy a shiny red stapler and put that on your desk. Then start talking like Milton to annoy the freak~

    Or maybe put one of those picture frames in a Jell-O mold overnight, LOL~ as in the first ever episode of The Office rivalry between Jim and Dwight!

    Come'on girl - put on your prankster hat!