Sunday, November 7, 2010

Married Life

D and I just finished watching Up for the first time tonight and I loved it. I'm not a cartoon person at all (at least not anymore), but Up came highly recommended from friends and so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did! It's a very poignant look at a life in hindsight and the ways in which memories can both be buoyant and weigh us down. There was one scene in particular that showed a montage of the main character's married life with his wife that made me bawl the entire way through. 

What is it with a well-done married life montage that gets people so emotional? Maybe it's because I, like most people who watched it with a significant other, can't help but see ourselves as the characters. And we know that, like most good things, it will eventually -- someday -- come to an end?:



  1. I cannot believe this is the first you have seen of this flick.
    I loved it.
    And yes....I cried through most of the movie.
    I lost it when he found her secret note.
    Love is really special!

  2. I just watched the clip and cried, I definitely need to watch the entire film. I always have a soft spot for the old couple in Cocoon that were married in real life and also starred in Batteries Not included. While I know good things do come to an end, I'd like a long-lasting marriage like theirs.

  3. I absolutely sobbed when I saw that for the first time. I *love* that montage.

  4. Totally cried over that video. (love your blog btw)