Thursday, November 18, 2010

No, not that kind of bar

This week has been a whirlwind for D and I. 

For me, because things have actually picked up slightly at work. Yes, the last few days I haven't sat aimlessly at my desk with absolutely nothing to do. They're actually giving me more tasks!! (What a novel concept -- that I can juggle more than one thing in a punctual manner. Good work, Boss Man. Now I don't feel quite as insulted that you must think I'm incompetent or something.) Not to say I'm being half as creative as I want to be, or feel satisfied every day that I've produced something significant that fulfills me. But whatevs. At least I've been somewhat busier there. Last week I thought I was going to vomit if I had to hit refresh one more on the New York Times/Gawker/New Yorker/CNN/People/Bloomberg homepage for new reading material to pass the time.

For D, this week is probably the most stressful of the year. Why? Because tomorrow bar results are finally released! *insert nefarious cackle here* I don't like seeing D filled with so much anguish and strife, but it is fun to tease him about it because I'm positive he passed. Am I totes jinxing it by saying this? I hope not. But he graduated from a top law school and studied his cute little butt off with bar prep materials all summer (on top of the fact that, aside from my dad, D is the smartest person I know), so if he doesn't pass I will be flabbergasted. Much like the day I found out the tooth fairy didn't exist and nearly had a mental breakdown over the idea of being taken by a ruse for so many years of my young life.

Anyway he's pretty sure he passed but says "Until I see my name on the list I won't believe it," which I understand. The stress and anxiety have built up so much as the results draw nearer that he's even taking tomorrow off from work to chill out -- and he NEVER takes days off. Not even when I try and tempt him with long weekends in wine country filled with days of vino and nights of me. This is serious.

But to put a little wind in his sails today, he got a call to come in for an interview with an AmLaw 100 firm next Tuesday! He still hasn't heard back from the other firm that he interviewed with last week, but this firm scheduled next week is much more prestigious and, well, part of the Big Law club. He was so cute telling me about it, trying not to smile since he doesn't like counting his chickens before they hatch and "it's only an interview, that's all," he kept saying, but I told him it was okay to smile. Broadly. Just getting an interview of this caliber makes me proud of him. I hope he understands that since I told him like a trillion times today.

So, lots of busy work on my end, fannying about my office. Lots of lawyer-ey stuff on D's end. I hope tomorrow brings good bar news; if it does, we've decided to celebrate with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot we bought. Here's to hoping we get to pop its cork.


  1. I am right there with you. The way it worked for the DE Bar this year is that they all had to log into the website, only to have it crash since they severely underestimated how 250 test takers and their families all want to know at the same time. Well, we know where D took his exam has just a few more test takers than Delaware. Best wishes to you both, since you know that you had a may-jah hand in all of this as well. I felt awkward in accepting the congrats for a while since I didn't take the test. But now, I take it and say "Damn right. I supported his broke, tired (cute)butt for 3 years." Enjoy!

  2. MMM love me some Vueve! Here's to hoping you guys will be celebrating some good news! Good luck D!

  3. That's so exciting! With a semi-2L, I can't even imagine being past all this and worrying about bar results. From what I know about D (albeit that all comes from you!), I know that he'll do well. The interview that he landed is proof of that. He'll be great!